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I received numerous requests to write about the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Anybody who owns a TV already knows this year’s elections is up-to the brim with drama, controversy, soap-opera-ish intensity and edge of the seat action. This is unlike any election the US or in fact even the world has seen. Most who know me know I am not a political person. I believe in the concept of karma and the inherent goodness in each person. So when it comes to this election I don’t have any opinion one way or the other.

Ohhhh, but the universe does !!!

What a beautiful divine dance is being orchestrated in the skies at this time !!

This further reaffirms my faith in the fact that everything is unraveling as designed, and each action taken or word spoken is exactly the way it should be, to incite the exact emotion in the masses hence setting in motion the exact set of events yet to come. With that being said, I will share with you my analysis of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s charts. We will then go on to analyze the chart of the US and the Election Day to further draw parallels with our candidates charts to reach a conclusion.

Hillary Clinton – Natal Chart Analysis

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Mrs. Clinton’s birth time. If this were a client of mine I would apply the principles of chart rectification to arrive at the correct chart by asking a few questions. That’s not possible at this time due to obvious reasons so I’m going to take what I have for now. Her only child Chelsea Clinton has perfectly precise birth data. We can turn her chart to make the fourth house the first house and view her mother’s chart.


Turning the chart, we arrive at Hillary Clinton’s chart.


Rising sign becomes Capricorn, and the ruler Saturn goes to Virgo. Capricorn is a hard , practical, earthy sign. Being in Virgo the Saturn becomes calculating. Saturn denotes a person’s hard work, and karma. So where is all this calculating handwork directed to? Since it rules her first house and its situated in the ninth house of higher learning we can see that she would have completed higher studies (which is true as she was a lawyer).

Lets look further at the dignity of Saturn. The ruler Mercury goes to the second house which is a Dusthana. Also it is conjunct two malefics, Sun and Ketu. Second house also denotes personal fortune, financial gains and material benefits. Leads me to believe that all her actions and hard work and actions are directed towards amassing wealth and personal gains. Being conjunct with Sun, brings ego and self-image into the play, giving us a further glimpse into the reason for her actions. The Saturn has no good aspects to it (i.e from other benefic planets), so the person’s morality may be questionable.

Look at the 2/8 axis. This is a very difficult axis (2nd house being a dusthana and eighth house being a moksha house). She has a stellium of planets on this axis indicating lot of karmic baggage from past lives which she has brought here to resolve. We know from heavy eighth house planets (especially huge benefic like Jupiter) that this person does have a predisposition for clandestine activity, which tends to arouse the suspicions of others. Jupiter being the ruler of the twelfth house and placed in the eighth house  represents Secret Activities. 

Venus, the other benefic planet is strongly placed, exalted in the third house. This is a good placement indicating travel to foreign countries for professional purposes. Also this placement blessed her with a very capable, hard working and supportive daughter (Venus being a feminine planet indicates daughter) who will support her through thick and thin. Also third house denotes younger siblings and she would be very connected to them. Venus also indicates an appreciation of art, beautiful artifacts and overall a sense and love of decorating her home and just generally making things look beautiful.

Eleventh house has to do with social organizations, friend circles and humanitarian deeds. Hillary Clinton has Uranus and Neptune placed there. Uranus is an eccentric planet, indicating her friends can be very unusual and unexpected. Neptune indicates deception and secrecy. Hillary Clinton’s social dealings, organizations and friendships are all flavored by these traits. Also the eleventh house is Scorpio which is by nature a house of deep, dark secrets. This past year, Saturn has been transiting Scorpio. Saturn brings the karmic resultant to all actions taken in the past. This explains why her dealings and eleventh house activities are in public scrutiny now and the truth is being revealed.

In the midst of all this, the exalted Venus rules the tenth house of career. This explains why she has held high positions job-wise. This could also be the only thing she has going for her to win this election. Jupiter is right now transiting Virgo, opposing this Venus of hers. I always like to have at least three indications for an event to come to fruition. However, even though this is a strong Venus, I don’t see any other indicators. 

Donald Trump – Natal Chart Analysis

Donald John Trump was born in New York city on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am.

He has Leo rising with the chart ruler , Sun, positioned conjunct Rahu in the tenth house of career and reputation. Rahu (northnode of the moon) is exalted and conjunct the rising sign ruler Sun, giving Mr Trump his off-the-charts self-esteem and “I am always right” attitude. Sun is the karaka for father indicating where the early life inception of self-confidence came from. Mr Trump claims he learnt a lot from his father, which is not surprising looking at his Sun-Rahu conjunction in the tenth house. For a Leo rising person, Mars is the yoga karaka ruling the fourth (a kendra “action” house) and the ninth (a trine “luck” house). This makes him incredibly successful. To assess which area he would be successful in we look at karakas. Mars is the karaka for real estate , so is the fourth house which it rules and aspects by a strong fourth aspect. This explains his area of expertise and source of powerful stature – classic example of a Raja Yoga. In addition to the fourth house Mars also empowers the eighth house by aspect, hence bringing into the forefront eighth house matters of inheritances, other people’s money, psychological tendencies, and reincarnation. Venus (indicating spouse in a man’s chart) is conjunct Saturn (indicating hardships) in the twelfth house of losses. This explains his marital difficulties in the early part of his life, as this area is something the soul doesn’t know how to deal with. However, this combination of planets is Vargottam in his navamsha, indicating the soul does learn how to deal with women/marriage etc in this lifetime and attains a fair level of comfort in that area. 


Next, let me draw your attention to the moon in Scorpio. Moon represents the mind, mental and emotional state. Moon being debilitated , indicates Mr Trump suffers great mental suffering and doesn’t know how to resolve his emotions. This could be the reason behind the obvious lashing out when he is hurt by the comments of others. The strong Mars, Sun and Leo ascendant may make him outwardly confident but the moon leads me to believe he is “secretly” hurt. The debilitation further affirms the fact that the only way the soul knows how to deal with the hurt is to “attack back” (This is the core reason why moon is debilitated in Scorpio whose ruler is Mars. Emotions don’t do well in the house of action. I will cover this topic in great detail in a future article). Also, notice how I put the word “secretly” within quotes. This word is very important here. Scorpio is the house of deep, dark, secrets. So that leads me to believe Mr  Trump will not reveal his true emotions or hurt to many people. He would prefer to nurse his emotions in secrecy, believing it will appear as a sign of weakness. Scorpio moon also points us to a vengeful person who will not take criticisms lightly. This man will mark an enemy and have his revenge, winning at all costs. The intensity and passion of Scorpio enables him to see every project to completion not matter what the odds. 

Jupiter placed in the second house, at first look, seems to be a bad placement, given second house is a dusthana. However, look closer. The ruler Mercury is positioned in the eleventh house of great gains, not to mention very strong in its own house (“swakshetra”). This Jupiter brings financial gains and wealth. Being in the second house could indicate why he lost a lot of it via bankruptcies. But the strong rulership of Mercury (also keep in mind, Mercury rules communication and media. Think “Apprentice” 🙂 ) will pull him out of tough times and put him back up on the top.

Moving to the dashas (these are timelines in a person’s life, bringing certain areas into prominence). Early part of Mr Trump’s life, he had some dashas which were probably rough. Venus period (being in the twelfth house) was nothing to write home about. Moon dasha brought him emotional stress, financial losses. The rise of the powerful man we see today, actually started in his Mars dasha. Chart ruler, Yogakaraka, Raja-Yoga, just a few of the amazing gifts this Mars brought to his life. Mr Trump started his climb upwards, winning victory after victory. What followed this cycle was almost two decades of Rahu dasha. Once again Rahu placed strongly in the tenth, made him a celebrity (literally). However Rahu is a classic malefic planet. So there were difficulties peppered in, which he overcame with the help of his Sun which is closely conjunct the Rahu. 

Whats going on now with his timeline and transits ? Well, to start with Mr Trump announced his candidacy when Jupiter and Venus were conjunct in Leo (his rising sign).  This powerful conjunction is of the two great benefics and famously rumored to “make a King” since it was in the royal sign of Leo. Next , its an amazing coincidence that Mr. Trump’s Jupiter dasha (after 18 long years of Rahu dasha) starts just 6 days before the Presidential elections, a second indicator. Third, Jupiter is right now in Virgo conjuncting Mr Trump’s natal Jupiter, indicating a “trigger” for an important event in his life. 

This has been a long article. But as you can see the planets do seem to be executing this purposeful elaborate dance across the backdrop of nakshatras. I have been writing about the chart analysis for the election day and plan to post this soon. What really caught my eye is that on election day Neptune is conjunct moon. This indicates some kind of deception and leads me to believe the correct results of the election may not be apparent right away.

These are difficult times, not in a doom and gloom way, but in a “growing pain” or “birthing pains” kind of way. We know after this brief struggle, the truth will be revealed. This time marks the end of a century worth of corruption and removes veils of untruth that was pulled over our eyes. This will be the subject of the history books of future and here we are the lucky ones to observe it firsthand. So let’s hold hands as a collective humanity and welcome the new era.


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  1. Just wanted to write to congratulate you on your correct prediction. This was not an easily anticipated win for the Presidency and if you could make a correct prediction I believe its solely due to your knowledge and authority over Vedic Astrology and its concepts. Above all, I am impressed with your compassion and non-judgemental attitude, even when you read client charts. Keep up the good work. And Congrats again on the prediction

    • Thank you. Though, any good astrologer will say the credit goes to the universe. All the indications are clearly showcased by the planets for anybody to see. In my prediction we did see 3 winning indications for Mr. Trump vs 1 indication for Ms. Clinton. Deeply humbled to see the beauty of Vedic astrology, as always.

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