Election Day !

As promised, here is my prediction for the Election Day – Nov 8 2016. It may seem like I am overdoing it, after all, you could say, it’s just a day, Shree. Trust me, I wouldn’t think of dedicating an entire article to this if I didn’t see the overwhelming astrological indications that day. So let’s dive right in..


I charted for 10 pm on Nov 8th at Washington DC. I am assuming by then the major part of the voting will be complete. Though looking at this chart, the results will be far from decided. I will get to that later.

Lets start by looking at the moon. Since the moon is the fastest moving, I like to look at it for precise predictions for a particular day. And what a story this Moon has to say !! Conjunct with Ketu and Neptune  ! Neptune stands for deception, trickery, deceit and guilt. Being in Aquarius (Saturn’s house) I tend to lean towards a karmic nature in this Neptune’s outcome. This is further reinforced by the Ketu-Rahu axis being right there with this combination. I have always felt Ketu and Rahu are the karmic indicators in a person’s chart. So all this sums up one conclusion – This election day will not be easy. There will be deceitful attempts, maybe manipulation of counts, possible hacking etc. Neptune conjunct with moon, tells us the early results will be foggy at best. Under Saturn’s ruler-ship, the results will be delayed, but ultimately the karmic scale will be balanced as Saturn ensures the truth is revealed, even though the path to get there may be tumultuous.

This Neptune and Ketu activity in Aquarius is the reason for the recent unfolding of conspiracies (think Wiki-Leaks, Veritas etc). This trend has been ongoing (remember Neptune is slow moving, so the effects have been visible for a while now). On election day Moon (which changes sign every 2.5 days) just happens to be right there with this particularly active combo and brings to fruition the past events, culminating in that day. This is not a coincidence. Just something to think about.

Now lets look at the ruler of the house where all this activity is happening. Saturn (ruler of Aquarius), is in Scorpio (once again a house that signifies deep dark secrets and conspiracies). Conjunct this Saturn is Mercury (which signifies communication, technology, internet etc). There may be internet issues bringing obstacles into the election process. Also the ruler Mars is in Capricorn (Saturn’s house). This means Saturn and Mars are in mutual Parivartana yoga. Both being malefic, it brings in the negative connotations of both planets to play. Mars will bring violence and Saturn will bring delays to the results.

Like I have always mentioned in the past, with the heavy Saturnian and Rahu-Ketu influence on election day, the going will be tough but its all karmic which kinda follows the principle “all’s well that ends well”. We will just have to wait and see how this day plays out. 


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