Meet Shree

An Indian, born and raised in Kuwait, Shree conceptualized Vedic Living while she was living in Dallas. At the time she had been practicing Vedic Astrology for many years and had discovered there is more to it than the traditional astrology she had seen as a child.

Growing up, Shree was always interested in Astrology, Yoga, and Vedic philosophy.  As a child, she sat by her grandfather as he drew natal charts using an old, tattered astronomical calendar and a calculator. Years later she became interested in the actual concept behind astrology. It started with one stray article, then two and quickly escalated into hordes of books and publications by notable personalities Carl Jung, B V Raman etc. The science was pristine and unquestionable. She realized a
strology should be used to instill positive change in humanity. And this is where Vedic Living was born. 

Shree was trained by world-renowned astrologers and certified by UVA in Dallas as a “MA in Vedic Astrology”. She later joined as a tutor at UVA (University of Vedic Astrology) where she teaches an online astrology certification program and is also a featured guest author on Astrologic Magazine. In an attempt to bring all the Vedic sciences together, Shree recently completed her 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification. The various parallels and connections between Jyotisha, Yoga and Ayurveda continue to astound her and she firmly believes they should all be practiced in a unified cohesion. Having started this journey in 2009, till date Shree has completed hundreds of chart readings in an attempt to empower her clients and explain why something is the way it is and where their free-will comes into play. Spreading this knowledge and awareness of Vedic subjects, as well as helping more people use these valuable tools to achieve their best possible life, remains her humble purpose.

“Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”  ~Dane Rudhyar