Natal Chart Reading $120 for 1 hr

$155 for 1.5 hr

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This is the most comprehensive reading. If this is your first reading, this is the one to get. It covers all areas and aspects of your life, past, present and future. There will be a focus on your gifts , goals and the purpose and karma of your life. Future predictions for a year and a half, month by month will be covered in detail and any major events in the distant future will be outlined. Predictions are made using the Vedic Vimshottari dasha system combined with the transiting planets.

*** Complete 4 readings and get the 5th one FREE ! Every 5th reading is my gift to you ***

30 min Reading and Answer One Question $45 for 30 min


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Quick Chart analysis and detailed answer to one question (30 min)
Relationship Compatibility Analysis $120 for 1 hr

$150 for 1.5 hr

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Analyze the compatibility and probable relationship issues between two people
Auspicious Date Analysis (Muhurtha) $100 for 1hr

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Determining the best date and time for important events in your life (like wedding, buying a house, starting a new business etc)
Child’s Chart Reading $100 for 1 hr

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Birth Reading for a child, analyzing basic nature, soul’s path. Helping parent’s understand the talents/strengths of the child.

** Child should be at least 3 years old at the time of this reading

Karmic Destiny and Self-Realization $150 for 1 hr

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A one hour reading to identify your own personal destiny and what is needed to break through barriers to find your own personal bliss. The focus is on Rahu and Ketu within your birth chart to discover your karmic destiny; what you came here to learn and grow through.