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“Shishta Dasha” or “Dasha Balance” as its more commonly known is the time period remaining in the dasha the baby is born in. The concept – Take the position of moon at the time of birth. The degrees will give you how far moon has traversed in that nakshatra (lunar mansion) and how far it has to travel to reach the next nakshatra. Based on this we know the shishta dasha (time period of the dasha left to complete). The ruler of this mahadasha becomes important, for our calculation.

Taking this ruler, we look at where this ruler is positioned, aspects to it, which houses it rules (or planets it disposits). All this information goes towards forming the “pattern of life” and will help determine why the soul was born (what is the karma).

Let’s apply this concept to some charts.

Chart 1  – John F Kennedy


Moon is at 24.5 degrees which is Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. Ruled by Venus, natives of this sign are free living souls. Venus in this chart is positioned in swakshetra (in its own abode), conjunct a benefic Jupiter. Venus rules wealth, material possessions, conveyances etc and being that its strongly positioned, JFK had no dearth of any of these. Being conjunct with a benefic Jupiter enforces that point further adding optimism, “Can do” attitude and general sense of happiness into the mix. Now look at which houses Venus rules. Ruling the second house of strong oratory capabilities, finance, material gains (don’t forget, second house also signifies great ancestral wealth). Second house also signifies positions of administration. Ninth house signifies pitru sthana (father), signifiying he had a very influential father, and bhagya sthana (prosperity and inherited property). Everything rings true for JFK and gives us an overall sense of his adult life.

Chart 2 – Madonna.


Moon and Ascendant are in the same nakshatra Purva Phalguni which is ruled by Venus, thus the dasa operating at birth is Venus which is the ruler of the 10th house of fame and profession and it is the lord of the 3rd house of communication and singing being placed in the 12th of international fame along with the fame planet Sun who connects as the dispositor of the Ascendant and Moon. Now remember that Sun is a natural malefic and cannot always be used in its positive interpretation. However here it is the chart ruler and hence becomes the strongest planet in the chart. Venus also disposits the planet Jupiter who is the lord of the fifth house of fame sitting in the third house of singing along with Rahu (fame, foreign lands) and sudden rise karaka. A striking aspect of this chart is that Jupiter, Venus,Sun and Saturn are all aspected by yogakaraka Mars from the ninth house of church, religion. Her parents were very religious in nature and many elements of Catholicism later became subjects of her most controversial work.

Chart 3 – Carl Gustav Jung.


Moon is at 23 degrees which places it in Bharani nakshatra. This makes Venus the shishta dasha ruler. Venus is in the sixth house of medicine (Jung was a psychologist) placed with Mercury which is in swakshetra (strong in its own house) making him an intellectual and research oriented person. Venus rules the fourth house of mother (incidentally Moon which is the karaka for mother is placed there as well) indicating his early life inception towards pursuing this field probably originated from his mother (who was haunted by mental illness and left him when he was just 3 years old to live at an asylum). Interesting point- Venus is his yogakaraka as well. Venus is the dispositor of Jupiter which rules the 12th house of the subconscious mind.

Chart 4 – Mother Teresa


Moon is in Bharani, ruled by Venus. So for the purposes of our analysis, Venus is the shishta dasha. Venus in this chart is the ruler of the sixth house of diseases placed in the eighth house of death aspected by Ketu the planet of spirituality, nun hood, who is in turn in the 12H of charity. Asc nakshatra is Moola ruled by Ketu, which is placed in the 12H of charity. It goes without mentioning her Life Pattern is pretty much summed in the few lines above.

You know me, I will gravitate towards the psychology of any astrological concept. I wasn’t disappointed here either. Moon, as far as I am concerned, is the single most important player in anybody’s chart. Some say the reason is it’s the closest to earth, moves the fastest. Way I look at it, Moon signifies two important factors. One – the mother, and in most cultures the mother is the single most influential person in a child’s life. She holds the reigns to the child’s subconscious. She becomes responsible for the early life inception, formation of early (and almost always the strongest) neural networks that govern how this person will behave in adult life. The quality of this inception, positive or negative, will show up in every thought and action in this person’s adult life.  So looking at the moon’s degree and ruler becomes very important. When I say “mother”, it could be any maternal figure the soul identifies itself with. Secondly, moon also signifies the mental and emotional buildup of the individual. It is the bearer of the soul’s energy indicating psychological patterns and tendencies. Anybody who works in a psychiatric institution will tell you that periods of full moon can have strong influence on the behavioral patterns and mental activity of people, hence leading the coining of the term “lunatic” (luna=moon).

While the Ascendant is important, I feel it encapsulates what the soul brings to this planet for its journey – the innate talents, tendencies it has brought with it. The inception of moon (and to some extent sun who is the signifactor of father) is built on top of that. They are your earliest teachers who you learn from by observation and comprehension. Each second the baby or child observes its parents, a new neural network is being formed, a new lesson is learnt and recorded in the dark recesses of his mind. So yes, looking at the moon’s position at the time of birth and further digging deep to its ruler and shishta dasha makes sense.

Have you used this concept in chart reading ? Tell me what you think in the comments.


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  1. Hi Shree

    Firstly thank you for the teachings, so generous and they are so clear. Love the Jungian feel you have and the psychological approach, I have that fascination for psychology, favourite author as a young guy was Dostoyevsky. This Shishta Dasha I really like, it is not complicated and so true to the psych and life purpose. Will enjoy using it. Will watch your webpage for further gems. Best, Philip

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