Shree's Bio

Shree was trained by world-renowned astrologers and is certified “MA in Vedic Astrology”.

She is a faculty at UVA and teaches an online astrology certification program and is also a featured guest author on Astrologic Magazine.

A keynote speaker at various astrology conferences worldwide, she is also a published author. Her book "Jaimini Astrology" is highly rated among the astrological community.

In an attempt to bring all the Vedic sciences together, she recently completed her 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification.

The various parallels and connections between Jyotisha, Yoga and Ayurveda continue to astound her and she firmly believes they should all be practiced in a unified cohesion....

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Latest Books

A unique book, written to help the reader understand and grasp the fundamentals of Jaimini Astrology. This book is set apart by the fact that anybody, whether the novice astrologer or the seasoned professional, will find this book valuable and easy to understand. Jaimini Maharishi was a renowned sage in Ancient India who envisioned a highly accurate system of astrology as a result of many years of penance and meditation. He compiled these concepts into Sutras which form the backbone of the Jaimini system. As you flip through the pages, you will learn about Jaimini aspects, Signs, Katapayadi system, Karaka planets, Argalas, Chara Dasha, Jaimini Yogas, Arishta Yoga etc. The author deftly guides you through this vast ocean of knowledge, taking time to explain each concept with detailed chart interpretations and examples. Click Here to Buy