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The 2017 French Elections is said to be the least predictable in decades! Both the front-runners Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are equally matched and neck to neck in polls. The first round was held on 23 April 2017. As no candidate won a majority, a run-off election will be held on 7 May 2017.

I analyzed the birth charts and transits on the day, cross-referenced with the chart of France. Everything is so close in terms of natal aspects as well as trigger points (transits and dasha sequence). Before we delve in, I would like to affirm – I do these analysis to better understand and teach Vedic astrology. I am not a political person and have no bias one way or the other. 

Chart of France (6th October 1958, 18:30, Paris)

France as a country just went through a horrendous Saturn return. Saturn opposes Mars in the chart, showing that each Saturn return brings with it violence (The last one in 86-87 brought with is a string of Hezbollah bombings). Buckling under the recent attacks, the country was tested like never before. “Who are our allies and enemies?” Pondering these questions, now the country is poised on the threshold of a new dawn. With the election a new person will take over the helm and lead the country out of these dark and troublesome times.

Election Day Chart (5 May 2017, 21:00, Paris)


A very prominent transit on the day is the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus on May 8th. The results of this election will be very unexpected and surprising.

Emmanuel Macron (21 December 1977, 10:40, Amiens)










Capricorn ascendant shows a born leader (Capricorn being the natural tenth house). Staunch, stubborn, rooted, grounded, his ideals are all that matter to him. Chart ruler Saturn sits in Leo the royal sign showing the soul’s inclination towards positions of power. Being in the eighth house however it shows a hidden and secretive nature, not to mention a magnetic and mysterious personality. People who meet him for the first time will be intrigued, wanting to know him more (though he may not give too much away). Chart ruler in eighth makes him interested in psychology, and research-oriented and generally very hard working. Saturn is also ruler of his second house which shows this person’s wealth comes from administration of other people’s resources, joint investments, and politics. He was an investment banker before his venture into politics.

Aspects on Election Day – Jupiter is in the ninth house in his birth chart activating Rahu (his main dasha ruler). In the navamsa, Jupiter is aspecting the exalted Venus in his second house (Second house signifies homeland/country). Saturn moves on top of his sun (bringing hard-work). Rahu aspects natal Saturn (magnifying first and second house properties i.e. self and country/material wealth). In the navamsa we find the exalted Venus in the second house, with the ruler Jupiter strongly placed in its moolatrikona sign.

Marine Le Pen (5 August 1968, 11:20, Neuilly-Sur-Seine)










Virgo ascendant with Venus and Jupiter in the twelfth house. This chart is definitely showing charity and “doing good for others” quality. Virgo being the natural sixth house shows a service-oriented nature. Chart ruler is in the eleventh which is once again a humanitarian sign albeit with a debilitated Mars. Ketu in the first house shows the soul has less concern for oneself and more for the spouse (Rahu in seventh). Rulers of second (wealth/speech), fourth (home/mother), seventh (one-one relationship) and ninth (religion/spirituality) all go to the twelfth house (which signifies loss/escape/charity). This one statement pretty much sums her personality/life. No relationship with her mother, failed relationship, not very religious… but at the same time all the more stronger due to these events (since Jupiter does signify higher knowledge and is a friend to the chart, the soul does learn and rise instead of being depressed and sinking low)

Aspects on Election Day – Jupiter is in the first house exactly on her ascendant bringing hope and optimism. Rahu is in her twelfth aspecting natal Jupiter and Venus. Rahu in the twelfth signifies working with foreign countries. She is in Rahu-Jupiter dasha which makes these transits all the more prominent at this time in her life. However what doesn’t look promising in her chart is the fact that she is going through a Sade Sati (Saturn transit over moon once every 29 years). This period of time is most likely very depressing for her. The last time this happened in her life was 1988 when her mother left her (moon signifies mother and add to that, moon is in her fourth house which once again signifies mother and ruler goes to twelfth signifying loss).


Both the candidates have very similar aspects and dasha sequence. However they cannot be more different as personalities. It’s very close in terms of prediction. Seeing the planetary aspects on Election Day I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some confusion leading to a re-count. At the end however, owing to stronger planets in second (and ruler Jupiter in Moolatrikona) Macron will win. A very strong indicator against Ms.Le Pen is the Sade Sati timeframe. I find it highly unlikely she can win the election during this transit (Last time this transit happened in her life was in ’86-’87. That year Ms Le Pen’s mother left home)

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  1. Ram Ramamoorthy says:

    Thanks for posting this and I enjoyed reading. It would have been better if you had also posted the sarvaashtakavarga of their natal charts in order to further delineate their respective chances. What are total # of points associated with the house of natal rahu for each of them? While their dasha are similar, the bhukthis are different and it would be nice to see a discussion of these effects.

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