Secrets of the Total Solar eclipse – August 21 2017



August 21 2017. The total solar eclipse will happen at 4 degrees 46 minutes of Leo in the nakshatra Magha , within a few degrees of the fixed star Regulus. The symbol of the nakshatra Magha is the throne. For the first time in a 100 years, the eclipse path will be clearly visible across United States. In astronomy eclipse path just means where the eclipse is most visible. But in Vedic astrology, however the eclipse path denotes where the most changes, or impact due to the eclipse will be. Little known fact, while the eclipse may cause events,  the impact continues to happen after the eclipse as other planets transit that exact degree where the eclipse happened.

Eclipse signifies truth being hidden and then exposed as the shadow moves over. Into the light from the dark. So in the world of astrology , it signifies the same – exposing truth. Where though ? Since it is happening in Leo, close to Regulus, everything has to do with the Kings, or Rulers. Ruler of Leo is Sun signifying world leaders. Regulus denotes the heart of the lion, the courageous one. So the information that will get exposed will be relating to the ruling segment, or the government. What is fascinating is that Mercury is retrograde at this time as well. So the travel and communications sector is highlighted (like news and  mass media).  Mercury also signifies the past especially when its retrograde. So the truth that will be revealed will be regarding a significant fact from the past ruler-ship in Unites States. Something that the past government decided to keep hidden, will inevitably be dragged out into the light during this eclipse.

Now what happens after August 21st. Lets review all the transits to 4 degrees 46 minutes of Leo (I will refer to this as the “eclipse point” from now on)

  • Mars transits the eclipse point on September 3 – Mars (war, violence, riots, mutiny, decisive and impulsive action) events which are a direct resultant of the truths revealed by the solar eclipse will be prominent.
  • Mercury stations and turns direct on September 7 on the eclipse point – Again another significant problem event happens as the eclipse point is once again triggered, this time by Mercury. Communications, mass media, travel and the internet will all be players in this event.
  • Total Lunar eclipse in Jan 2018 – Whatever is exposed by the solar eclipse in August 2017 will culminate in an event in January 2018 when the cycle ends. The lunar eclipse is in the sign of cancer when moon intersects with Rahu. The six months between Aug 2017 and Jan 2018 will be worth paying attention to.

What does all this mean on a personal level in your own horoscope. Look at where Leo is in reference to your chart. The outcomes given below based on ascendant will be particularly significant if you have planets at the eclipse point of 4.46 degrees Leo or Aquarius. You can request for a complimentary chart on my website if you don’t have one already. 

Aries Ascendant – The eclipse is in your fifth house. So matters of the heart, love, dating, having fun will be the highlight. Look for something regarding your love life being revealed giving you a better understanding of your relationship.

Taurus Ascendant – The eclipse is in your fourth house of home, and mother among other things. The focus will be on your base, foundation. There could be changes to your current place of stay. 

Gemini Ascendant – The eclipse is in your third house of creativity, writing, communications. You may be inspired to write something that could grab the attention of the masses. Issues with siblings will also be in the forefront.

Cancer Ascendant – the eclipse is in the second house of accumulated wealth , property and material comforts. Look for changes in income or new revelations about wealth 

Leo Ascendant – Wow ! The eclipse is in your first house hence bringing about change in appearance or taking decisive steps to change the way people perceive you. Look for opportunities to turn your life around, also a powerful time to take leadership of situations which have been on the back burner for a while

Virgo Ascendant – the eclipse is in your twelfth house of  spirit and subconscious. Pay attention to your dreams, or psychic intuition. This could be a good time to pursue spiritual activities like yoga, meditation etc.

Libra Ascendant – the eclipse is in your eleventh house of social organizations, community, humanitarian causes etc. There could be a major shift in the way society perceives you . You could join a group or association which could spell major changes in your life. Relationship with friends could be tumultuous as old problems resurface forcing you to pay close attention and resolve them.

Scorpio Ascendant – the eclipse is in your tenth house of of career, honors, awards and achievement. An old job could come to an end, giving way to a better opportunity. Tenth house also signifies boss or supervisor. Hence there could be a change in management at your job. 

Sagittarius Ascendant – the eclipse is in your ninth house of philosophical understanding, your higher mind, long distance travel and your educational pursuits. Be careful if you are travelling and be prepared for delays. Eclipse is accompanied with a Mercury retrograde giving rise to disruption in travel and communications

Capricorn Ascendant – the eclipse is in your eighth house. Relations with your spouse, business partner important co-workers or important clients can be problematic during this period. Think twice before you act. 

Aquarius Ascendant – the eclipse is in your seventh  house. Marriages or love affairs are tested by this eclipse. All hidden and unsaid issues come to light and create a great deal of turmoil. Spouse could be facing financial problems. 

Pisces Ascendant. – the eclipse is in your sixth house. Health and day-to-day routine and schedule are impacted. This house also spells job changes. 

Whichever house Leo falls in will be of primary importance during this time. Remember, always in an eclipse, something ends and a new venture begins. 

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