“If you have not had a true astrology reading done, I highly recommend working with Shree with Vedic Living. My reading included obtaining my exact date, place, and time of birth to map out the astrological influences for my birth chart. Many past events were spot on in regards to the dates and timelines given to me. My individual characteristics and challenges I’ve faced all came to light in a direct and easy to understand manner directly correlated with my individual chart. Shree also gives you your chart and a recording of your session so that you can access it at any time for important dates or times discussed during the session.I intend to have follow up readings in the future to learn and understand more about my individual chart because I am now fascinated with the art and science of vedic astrology. Try it out if you’re curious and you won’t be disappointed. “Tina W (Yelp Review 1/17/2017)

“This was my first ever astrological reading and I could not have been more pleased! Shree is such a kind soul and was so thorough explaining everything so that it made complete sense! She is definitely an expert in this field and surprised me over and over again by knowing the exact time an event in my life happened or about my present circumstances. I had requested to focus more on my past lives and she did just that by talking through happenings in my most recent past life and my most important past life! It was truly a unique experience and I plan to do this again for my son’s chart! ” Katie C (Yelp Review 8/11/2017)

“This astrology reading was my first ever reading and it could have not gone any smoother. Shree did an amazing job in helping me understand my birth chart to a whole new level! She even went over my my set time in assurance that I understood all of the new concepts that I had not learned previous to her reading. I was very pleased and satisfied with all the information and knowledge she shared with me about my natal chart. I will definitely be doing business with Vedic living at a later date. Five stars, quality service.” Jayla A (Yelp Review 10/30/2017)

“This is the best thing I could have done for myself and my family.  We have all had our done and it has provided great insight into each of us as individuals…especially for my children.  This is not like the “hoaky” palm readings or Tarot Card readings.  The is real, factual information that can answer so many questions about yourself. I highly recommend taking an appointment and learning more about yourself.  It will only guide you closer towards the person you were meant to be!”  C’Ne T (Yelp Review 2/9/2018)

“Shree gave me the most insightful reading and I am walking on air ever since! I highly recommend her for any type of reading. I don’t have the most benefic chart however I understand WHY things happened in my life the way they did and the lessons I’ve gained from it. This is the first Vedic reading I’ve ever had and nothing was sugar coated. I’m heading to the END ( Yeah!) of my 2nd Saturn Return which has been extremely challenging but I now see the end of the tunnel and the Light ahead of me. I had been The Frog in the Well. ( Jeffrey Wolfe Green reference re my Pluto/Saturn/Neptune).. now I see the larger field of consciousness, and light of my future. Shree felt like a dear loving old girlfriend who was gently holding my hand and guiding me to self understanding. She gently answered my questions and helped me more clearly see my karmic path. She also gave me concrete suggestions on suggested lifestyle changes  to support my Karmic Journey along with Auspicious dates coming up. It was an absolute Joy working with Shree and I highly recommend her for any type of reading. She is a beautiful soul and very talented.”  Cathy. B , Florida (Yelp Review 10/12/2018)